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Ultragrime wipes

Our latest Ultragrime reviews


As we start the new year we thought we would give a round-up of some of our latest reviews from around the web!

”Wow. These wipes are amazing. Certainly live up to the name ULTRA GRIME as they tackled all the dirty jobs I had lined up with ease. The size is just huge and last so much longer than any other wipes I have used before. Having accidentally left the pack open over the weekend I was surprised to find they were still wet and useable inside. Normally wipes would dry and have to buy more..converted user for sure. Top marks Uniwipe”

”These are so useful! and kind to my hands. they clean almost anything and are fantastic in the car after having slobbering dogs in there. our bathroom fitter used them and I’ hooked on cleaning with them now”

”These are brilliant for cleaning anything quickly and thoroughly on-site or in the workshop, the best we’ve found yet”

”Amazing! My builder introduced me to these, I basically clean the whole house with them! Fab on fridges and ovens, cupboard doors, handles light switches, floors… marvellous”

”These wipes are great. I’ve used when grouting.applying silicons and grab adhesives cleaning tiles before sealing.also cleaning face no awful smells or residue left on hands when eating lunch. fresh work wipes. extra thick compared to cheaper wipes.

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Ultragrime wipes

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