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We love getting reviews for Uniwipe! Let us know what you use our wipes for and why you love them. It really makes our day.

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    Uniwipe Washroom Disinfectant Wipes

    I am in love with the Uni Wipes, I use the Grime Wipes and the Washroom Wipes and I cannot get enough of them! They are so large and cover a lot of surfaces and areas, I will never be using any other cleaning wipes again ???? so so happy with them. I genuinely get excited when I get another delivery of them.



    So impressed with these wipes! They are huge and so durable definitely the best wipes I've ever tried! I use them for wiping doors, skirting boards, floors, everywhere! They are great for easy quick cleaning and leave no residue behind like some wipes. Would most definitely recommend them.


    I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about wipes. I’ve been using Uniwipe since Christmas. These really do raise the game. Unlike other wipes, they stay wet for ages! Really handy when you need to do a lot of cleaning down. No need to refresh them as much. The size of the wipes are mammoth. The strength of the wipe is tops also. Doesn’t tear like big wipes can do. Easier storage as they are not in a hard plastic. So they can be buried somewhere in the van without the fear of cracking and drying out. Over all, I highly recommend these wipes.



    Amazing wipes! Very absorbent so brilliant for paint, and they are massive. don't need any other cleaning products now!

    Jonathan Whiley

    These Ultragrime wipes are an absolute must. I tried them on my BBQ which was in desperate need of a clean, the results we’re unbelievable. Grease, oil and sticky residue, no problem they tackle them all. I will be ordering more that is for sure.

    R Ingham

    Bought Ultragrime at a tool show about 2 years a promotional price to give them a try as was impressed by demo being given. Never looked back. I'm in electrical game, never have one to far away stay moist for ages well worth the money.


    Home User

    Fantastic wipes can't be without them. These are my go-to wipes for any mess anywhere! They are big and strong and seem to be able to tackle any mess or stain. I breed cats and also have a dog so they are a godsend to me.


    Home User

    My builders introduced me to these Ultragrime wipes. I cannot live without them. Clean everything without damaging surface, or leaving streaks or drying my hands. Brilliant. Haven't tried others in the range yet, but I am about to.


    Home User

    These washroom wipes are fabulous, they are strong, large is surface area and they clean and sanitise in one. They form part of my cleaning kit. Although they are more expensive than regular wipes, you definitely get your money's worth. One wipe can clean a sink and a toilet (do the sink first obviously). The wipes are designed to kill the nasty bacteria such as norovirus and MRSA. They have a pleasant, unoffensive citrus smell, are strong and low foaming.


    Maintenance Engineer

    These are the best wipes I have ever used. They will effectively clean oil, grease and paint from hands and tools. They are HUGE and will stay moist for a good while, so can often be used again. Very strong cleaner and are dermatologically tested too.

    Jon Price


    I've used Ultragrime for everything from cleaning fingerprints off a new blind I've just installed to getting expanding foam and Gripfill off my hands. They will clean almost any type of dirt off almost any surface and as you say they are so big that you need to use less of them for the cleanup job - a must have for both your van and the kitchen at home.

    J&T Cousins

    Female decorators

    As a pair of female decorators, relatively new to the business we purchased these wipes and we are absolutely delighted with them. They are strong, large and very useful in our work. Cannot rate them highly enough. Thankyou. Will be using them forever.