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Save Money- Switch to Uniwipe

When it comes to cleaning wipes, Uniwipe are certainly at the higher end of the market due to being premium in their quality, not to mention size.

The price can often be off putting as it is less of an impulse spend than the lower end wipes of the market.

Recently we have had some fantastic feedback from regular customers who have ended up saving money using Uniwipe.

A standard supermarket wipe is Height- 26cm x Width- 12cm

A Uniwipe is Height 38cm  x Width -25cm


Image from the lovely on Instagram


One leading brand for example their wipes are 26cm x 12cm wipe with 30 wipes per pack and they sell for £1.

One user we spoke to used 3 packs of these wipes a week. She switched to Uniwipe and one pack lasted just under 5 weeks. She paid £10 for her pack of Uniwipe. Over the course of the month she saved 33% on what she usually spends.

One Uniwipe is designed to last longer, the wipes stay wet for a long time and the size means they can be folded up making 8 sperate cleaning sides. Overall cleaning with Uniwipe is more efficient, effective and affordable. Why not make the switch today. Check out our store locator for your nearest stockist.

Find out more about our wipe here. Or join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

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